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Wax On, Wax Off Museum

Situation: A U.S. History teacher is working with students on a project where they research a historical character then portray them as if in a wax museum. Other students enter the classroom and push a button and the student recites … Continue reading

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Thank you, Eddie Murphy … when you were funny.

Situation: Student who enjoys reading words backwards has theory on Eddie Murphy’s comedy, i.e. his comedy routine with ice cream and “you’re under welfare, you can’t afford it!” Student: Do you know what “Haagen Dazs” sounds like when read backwards? … Continue reading

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China 1, Canada 0

Situation: ESL student from China can’t read the whiteboard, so steps forward. He walks around behind a popular femaleĀ upper classmen he’s known for two days and speaketh insulteth. ESL Student: Come on. Move up. You’re not that fat. Canadian Debutante: … Continue reading

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Cotton Heel?

Situation: Teacher advises student to wear sunscreen as he is pink under the afternoon sun. Student: I’m pale because I was born in North Carolina.

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Thesaurus Statement?

Situation: Student asks for an answer during a test. Student 1: What’s the last sentence of an essay’s introductory paragraph called? Teacher: Because I want you to do well, it’s called the “thesis statement.” Student 2: You should have told … Continue reading

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Jail Bird

Situation: Student sitting dazed in class. Student to Spaced-Out Student: You’re going to do great in prison.

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Summer in 90 minutes

Situation: Conducting a creative writing class and a student amidst an attack of ADHD is spaced out. Teacher: It’s amazing at what can’t be accomplished some periods. Student: Hey, I’ve planned my whole summer vacation just now.

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