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Situation: Sitting in a cafe with a senior literature class, taking a break from the rigors of Short Story Masters and literary elements. Michael Jackson’s “The Way You Make Me Feel” plays on  the overhead music. Teacher: I was in … Continue reading

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LEG in mouth!

Situation: Teacher has asked students to tidy up the room, to include sweeping and picking up trash (leaves and tissue … don’t ask). One student is pushing a broom, spreading dirt around. Teacher: Hey, what are you doing? Student: Sweeping? … Continue reading

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Cotton Heel?

Situation: Teacher advises student to wear sunscreen as he is pink under the afternoon sun. Student: I’m pale because I was born in North Carolina.

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“Wood” you pass this kid?

Situation: A student sees antlers on a table and digs himself a grave. Student: Are those made of wood? Teacher: What animal do you know that grows wood? Student: A tree.

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Citizen Shame

Situation: Philosophy of Film and Theatre students are watching “Citizen Kane.” Charles Foster Kane (Orson Welles) says, “I choked on my silver spoon,” commenting on his overindulgence and wealth. Student: He shouldn’t have put the spoon so far down his … Continue reading

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In utero, Outstanding!

Situation: Eating lunch with faculty and students discussing an upcoming due date for mother and father. The discussion turns to homebirth and midwifery, the preferred choice of the couple’s birthing process. Student 1: I want to be born at home.

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Auto … auto … ah, crap!!

Situation: American Literature conducting a class exercise. Teacher: You’re going to write your autobiography? Student: About what?

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