Christ Doesn’t Give Autographs

Situation: A literature teacher takes a van load of kids to Bookman’s, a store for buying and trading books and music, to peruse the shelves. The task at hand is to trade old books, text and paperback, for novels that have (or could possibly be considered) been banned or challenged in schools throughout the United States. The assignment to follow is to do a report on why the book was/would be banned or challenged and whether not the student agrees and why. One particular cult classic was signed.

Teacher: (to Student 1) Here’s a great novel by Denis Johnson called “Jesus’ Son,” which is not only a quick read, it’s chocked full of everything beautiful in literature that would be deemed unacceptable in society.

Student 1: (flipping through book) Yeah. I could read this.

Teacher: (seeing the inside cover) Hey! This is copy is signed.

Student 1: Really?

Teacher: (holding the book) I think so. I’ve never seen his signature, but I think this might be it.

Student 2: (overhearing the discussion) Is it really signed by him?

Teacher: I think so.

Student 2: Do you think it is?!

Teacher: Sure.

Student 2: Really?!?!

Teacher: yeah. Why not?

Student 2: You mean Jesus signed that book?!

Teacher: What?! Are you serious?

Student 2: Well, yeah, I mean the book is called “Jesus’ Son.”


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