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Citizen Shame

Situation: Philosophy of Film and Theatre students are watching “Citizen Kane.” Charles Foster Kane (Orson Welles) says, “I choked on my silver spoon,” commenting on his overindulgence and wealth. Student: He shouldn’t have put the spoon so far down his … Continue reading

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Of Mice and Exterminators

Situation: Discussing famous authors and banned or challenged books. Student 1: Of Mice and Men was so sad! Student 2: Why? Did the mouse die? Student 1: There was no mouse! Student 2: I didn’t know. I have that book … Continue reading

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Situation: Asking freshmen to write a narrative essay based on a personal coming of age story. Teacher: All right. What is another way of saying this? (writes on the board) “Looking at the big picture!” Student 1: Glancing at the … Continue reading

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In utero, Outstanding!

Situation: Eating lunch with faculty and students discussing an upcoming due date for mother and father. The discussion turns to homebirth and midwifery, the preferred choice of the couple’s birthing process. Student 1: I¬†want to be born at home.

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Who’s a STAR?

Situation: Instructor teaching grammar lessons when interrupted. Student 1: All of this grammar reminds me of the special STAR tests we had to take in California. Student 2: What are STAR tests? Student 1: They’re tests to see if you’re … Continue reading

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