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Push ’em out, Shove ’em out, Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay out!!!

Situation: Discussing a teacher’s birth of an expected daughter. Student: I’d be like, “You’re not coming out until you got a job!!” Advertisements

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To Be? Nah.

Situation: In Drama Class. Student: We’re not reading any more of, uh, what are those things called? Teacher: Plays? Yes. Student: Damn.

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Auto … auto … ah, crap!!

Situation: American Literature conducting a class exercise. Teacher: You’re going to write your autobiography? Student: About what?

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Apocalypse, uh, Wow!

Situation: Teacher is giving a lesson on commas and where they stand when writing the date, month, and year. A student reads the day’s date, Tuesday, March 28, 2011. Student 1: Oh, God. If the world ends next year I’m … Continue reading

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Dog Day Afternoon

Situation: Interrupted during a lesson on punctuation. Student 1: I know why you can smell a dog’s fart so quickly. (no response among the classmates) Student 1: They wag their tail.

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God Love Chick Lit.!!!

Situation: Student catching up on Chick Lit. reading while others in the middle of a creative writing assignment. Needless to say, the comment stopped all progress and put everyone into stitches. Girls laughed. Boys, well, smiled, thoughts elsewhere. Student: This … Continue reading

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Space Shuttle Done, Farts Continue!!

Situation: Creative Writing class. Students are in the middle of a guided writing assignment. Student: Did you know if you farted in a space suit you’d die?!

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