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Breakfast Bigotry?!

Situation: One student is preparing a monologue that mentions Wheaties cereal boxes. Student: What’s the deal with all the black people on the boxes? Advertisements

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My Nico-teen

Situation: Before class starts, students are talking about the price of cigarettes. One random comment interrupts the conversation. Student: If you smoke Newports, you can’t go into outerspace.

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Eco-terrorist Bribery?

Situation: Students trying to bribe a teacher to go on a field trip. Student 1: We’ll do anything to go on this trip. Student 2: Yeah, anything. Student 1: Like, we’ll write an essay or something. Student 2: And writing … Continue reading

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me use big words.

Situation: Teacher is going over an assignment in American Literature. Teacher: “There’s a subtle sense of pessimism in this piece, can you find a couple of scenes that hint at pessimism?” Student 1: “What’s that big word you just used? … Continue reading

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Phew! Close. But not ALL the way closed.

Situation: American Literature instructor asks students to read an excerpt from a short story. Student: “…but we don’t have to read the whole thing, right? Cause we’re not in English class, we’re in American Lit, right?”

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Gold Star For You, And Glitter For You

Situation: To try a hand at comedy, drama students are asked to enter the classroom one at a time with an original one-liner. This is kinda one that was the best! Student 1: When I was born, the doctor said, “It’s a boy … … Continue reading

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Booger Burgers?!

Situation: The discussion of a classic novel’s settings in a Siberian prison camp morphs into a query on hygiene. Hygiene evolves into a discussion on bad habits, i.e. eating boogers. Student 1: Did you ever pick your nose and eat your … Continue reading

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