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Please be seated. Especially you!

Situation: Student sticks his head in the hole at the back of a chair. Teacher: “Take your head out of the chair.” Student: “It’s like I’m being born … a breach birth.” Advertisements

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Mark Zuckerberg didn’t graduate from college, so what the HELL?!?!?!

Situation: Students are filling out practice college applications. One student comes across the portion designated “Marital Status” and asks what he should fill in. Student: What should I put here? Teacher: Where? Student: Where it asks ‘Marital Status.’ Teacher: Well, … Continue reading

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The ‘eyes’ have it?!

Situation: One female student to another female student waiting in lunch line, after Creative Writing class. A lesson in metaphor? Female #1: “The eyes are the nipples of my face.” Female #2: “Oh, that’s good.”

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Hair Lip?

Situation: Student is late for class. Dialogue Me: “Where have you been?” Student: “Growing my mustache?”

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